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Sweet Paradise Maui

Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Oranges

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Experience citrusy perfection with our Dark Chocolate Dipped Oranges! Whole, juicy oranges are carefully segmented and slow-candied to capture their bright, tangy flavor. Each piece is then dipped in luxurious 64% dark chocolate for a delightful contrast of textures and tastes.

These gourmet treats are:

  • A sophisticated indulgence: Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things.
  • A unique flavor combination: The rich dark chocolate complements the citrusy orange beautifully.
  • A delightful gift: Share the experience with friends, family, or colleagues.

INGREDIENTS: Dried oranges, dark chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, soy lecithin, and natural vanilla flavor)

SPECIFICATION: Net 4oz (113 g)

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Sweet Paradise Maui Dipped Oranges