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Sweet Paradise Maui

Black Lava Salt Caramels

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Experience the exotic with our Black Lava Caramel! This unique and luxurious treat combines rich, buttery caramel with a sprinkle of Hawaiian black lava sea salt, creating a delightful contrast of sweet and salty flavors.

A taste of paradise:

  • Creamy, buttery caramel dipped in dark chocolate
  • Hawaiian black lava sea salt: Adds a subtle saltiness and a touch of mineral complexity.
  • 5 piece box

INGREDIENTS: Caramel (corn syrup, sugar, milk, water, fructose, hydrogenated coconut oil, butter, mono and diglyceride, salt, soy lecithin, vanilla flavor, dark chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, soy lecithin and natural vanilla flavor) and black lava salt.

SPECIFICATION: Net 4 oz(113 g)

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Sweet Paradise Maui Black Lava Caramel